The Salem Garden Club consists of three levels of membership; Active, Associate and Sustaining. All new members are initiated into the club at the Active Member level. A letter of interest must be submitted by May 30 of each year and shall then be referred to the Executive Committee for approval. A majority vote of the Executive Committee is sufficient to elect a new member. New members are officially welcomed at the September meeting.

Membership in the Salem Garden Club is limited and cannot exceed 100 Active Members and 15 Associate and 15 Sustaining Members.

Active Member in Good Standing Requirements:

  • Dues must be paid by June 15th.

  • Attend at least 4 meetings each year.

  • Provide hospitality at one meeting per year.

  • Participate in community beautification projects.

  • Participate in the Christmas Boutique workshop and sales.

  • Participate in the Garden Stroll.

To join SGC please click on the link below and complete the form letting us know of your interest. You will receive confirmation that it has been received and you will be sent an application with further information. Applications must be received with dues paid by June 15th in order to be considered for the upcoming season beginning in September. Please feel free to contact the Salem Garden Club for further information.

Did you miss the cutoff date to join? No worries! Fill out the application anyway. We'll get in touch and keep you on the list for next year. In the meantime, you are welcome to attend all of our speaker and presentation meetings as well as help and support our events! You can begin to get acquainted with what the Salem Garden Club is all about and be ready to become a member next year!